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       from a dream to reality...       

Olive and June Red Polish hand holding bottle.webp

We started the beauty distribution by chance as our parent company was in the market entry consultation business across SE Asia. Being able to witness the area's economic growth and along with it a development in sophisticated taste for higher quality products, we saw an opportunity to provide quality products to fulfil this natural customer demand.  

Leveraging on our business contacts in SE Asia, we started exporting to Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia. Initially we only brought products from the US and Europe to our customers as our market reach expands we noticed that customers also have a desire for products from Japan.


We spent a great amount of time visiting suppliers and putting their products to our rigorous tests before bringing them into our distribution catalog. We are socially responsible, and we demand the same from our partners, suppliers and hopefully the end users believe in the same as well. 

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